Monthly Archives: April 2009

Can you feel it?

Spring is in the air!

The city’s expecting a 20+ degree weekend and we’re excited!

We’re already thinking summer dresses, wine in the park, tank tops, outdoor patios, late night bike rides, and tees.

Happy Easter! Long Weekend Hours.

It’s a long weekend….well, maybe for some of you, but Fawn will be open Easter Friday/Saturday/Sunday and Monday for all your spring shopping needs. It’s gonna be sunny all weekend!

Be sure to stop by this lovely Easter weekend and check out our new arrivals from Velour, Blank Denim, Mary Meyer, Complex Geometries, Line, Rachel Comey, Dace, Pudel etc!

Fawn LOVES Shoe Accessories…..

The Posso crew wearing their spats. Photo by The Selby.

The Posso crew wearing their spats. Photo by The Selby.

If you want to turn your shoes into mini superheroes, buy them these Posso Spats. They are updated versions of the over-the-shoe accessory popular in the late 1800s, but are made of high-end Italian leather with a bendable internal wire structure. They are amazing additions to a wardrobe as they can turn a tired sandal or boot into a fashion-forward piece.