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Designer Spotlight: Bliss Lau

Out with the boring ball and chain and in with Bliss Lau’s chain jewelry! Originally known for her handbags, especially the accordion bag, Lau expanded her line of handbags with the launch of belts and chain jewelry in 2007.  It’s not a surprise then that the jewelry line has created a huge fashion buzz and a cult following, along with a little controversy to boot!  

After a bit of a spiff with Erin Wasson’s body jewelry line, Bliss‘ pieces have landed on several Meisel-shot Italian Vogue covers. Our favorites, the Diamond Dress, inspired by the cables of the Brooklyn Bridge, adds a glam grittiness over a tee or simple dress. While the Ornament is a bondage-inspired piece that, well, can be used in many versatile ways, if you know what I mean (blush).

Heavily influenced by the art deco era, Lau surrounds herself with books and art references to help produce her intricate pieces.  FABRIC stopped into Bliss Lau’s studio where the magic is made and to find out what makes her tick.

FABRIC magazine: You started off with a handbag line, which by the way I own, and then expanded to belts and jewelry.  What inspired you to create this kind of chain jewelry?

BL: I studied fashion design at Parsons and when I graduated I really wanted to make handbags and accessories, but fashion at Parsons is so apparel-based. So, when I graduated, I decided to do a smaller collection and also do handbags.  I started with the waist in making belts and then the chest with the tuxedo vest and hug me tight piece.  My focus has been on thinking about different parts of the body. Fall 2009 is a variation of this design, based on the Brooklyn Bridge. In college I actually lived in DUMBO under the Brooklyn Bridge and it was hard not to look out the window and get inspired.

FM: The outcome is gorgeous!  What’s in store for your next collection?
BL: For Fall 2009 it is an art deco theme and all vegan.  For Spring 2010, I have three small collections, which include the fine jewelry line, ten pieces for each collection.

FM: Fine jewelry? Are we talking diamonds?
BL: It [the fine jewelry line] is a ten piece collection because I wanted to think about fingers, which include some crazy bondage rings and also some earrings, due Spring 2010 in silver and gold. I’m really excited about it!  My next collection of fine jewelry is called “Mysterious Concealment” instead of wearing it over your clothes I want you to wear it underneath.  That is my new perspective on how I want my body chains to evolve.
From Fabric Magazine.