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What’s the code word?

For amazing t-shirts with a bit of edge, Mary Meyer is at the top of our lists. Mary Meyer prides herself on the wearability of her basic unique shapes that are combined with a print or piece of appliqué. Each piece is handmade in Brooklyn, NY.

Our fave Spring Summer ’10 pieces are:

Mary Meyer Square Muscle Tee Top

Mary Meyer Square Muscle Tee Top

Mary Meyer Coded Tee - Can you decipher the code?????

Mary Meyer Coded Tee - Can you decipher the code?????

Fawn-ing over the new Complex Geometries….

Complex Geometries’ Spring Summer 2010 pieces are now in store, and we are sooooo excited! There are amazing new pieces such as the onesie and updated Complex classics! Come by and check it out!

Remember, for all those that forgot how to wear it “in that different way,” Kasha’s always around to give one-on-one tutorials!

Photos by Tommy Ton.

Fawn arrival…..Rodebjer.

Last summer everybody grabbed the Rodebjer “Eyes on the Prize” t-shirt, this season, Rodebjer’s in a more summer BOHO state of mind.


 Check out Rodebjer’s silk poncho, in store now!

We’d recommended wearing the gladiator A Detacher sandals or the feathery LD Tuttles from Chasse Gardee with this amazing piece!!!

FAWN introduces Ian R.N.

IAN is the new collection designed by Rozae Nichols. Launching in Spring 2010, the collection offers “essential wardrobe” pieces for a modern woman’s lifestyle. IAN developed through the collaboration of shared aesthetics between two long time friends: Rozae Nichols and Stella Ishii of The News. Their mutual design sensibility, desire for a renewed simplicity and commitment to quality has inspired the minimal, strong and elemental styles that reveal a sensitivity and respect to a woman’s individual style.

Deeply rooted in a timeless and simple philosophy, the collection brings a very cool yet elegant and understated sensibility to the contemporary customer. IAN does not target customers of a certain age; it is for confident women of all ages. The silhouettes are purposely spare, sensual and understated; entrusting the person who wears IAN to make it come alive in their own individual way. Ian is minimal though luxurious, and intelligently defined with a stylish and youthful sophistication.

*IAN is named after Rozae Nichol’s husband who has inspired her throughout their 24 years together.*

Come check out the Ian R.N. collection at Fawn, in store now!

Fawn’s fave piece, the liquid woven laser cut dress!

FAWN in the Toronto Star!

Check out the FAWN feature in Saturday’s Toronto Star!

Fawn boutique has sweet fashions, sweet prices
Fawn works hard to live up to its name with attitude and wit

By Rita Zekas

Fawn boutique is in the former Chocolate Factory at 967 Queen St. W. near the Candy Factory Lofts but you won’t get sugar shock. The stock isn’t sickly sweet.

Fawn is not about the cute little cuddly Bambis the name suggests, though there are deer heads over the cash register. The name, owner Kasha Bilobram explains, actually represents “fashion, attitude, wit and nostalgia.”

You want everything Bilobram is wearing: strenuously studded booties from the Queen West shop Chasse Gardée (1084 Queen St. W.), a graphic tee from Mary Meyer worn as a dress and a vintage army shirt as a jacket.

Bilobram, a native “downtown Torontonian” who is half Polish and half Ukrainian, had a background in merchandising, display and styling before opening the shop 2-1/2 years ago.

She has been interested in fashion since she was a child.

“I got that from my mom. My mom never wore the same thing twice,” she says. “She wore a lot of vintage and couture and had tons of jewellery. I’d walk around in her shoes.”

The shop is deftly curated: the intersection of structure and comfort.

Click here for the entire article.