Do you have a struggling, old lawn mower? When it is not doing what it’s supposed to do, your lawn can suffer. Hence, it would be wise to start planning to buy a new lawnmower. A lot of mowers would last you approximately 10 years. However, that still depends on how frequently you utilize it, the size of your lawn, and the climate you’re living in. Once you can observe any of the following issues with your mower, perhaps now is the time to consider investing in a new one. 


You want to upgrade your equipment 

A lot of lawn mowers available today that have expensive upgrades, which can make mowing your lawn a breeze. It doesn’t matter if you just want to get a newer model or you want to buy a riding lawn mower, it’s never a bad idea to upgrade and buy a new one.  

It continually breaks down 

When your machine keeps on breaking down, would it be worth it to always use a lawn mower repair in Fayetteville? Most likely not. Regardless of how small the needed repairs are, continuous repairs can be difficult to handle and can build up over time.  

It doesn’t have any warranty 

Nowadays, a lot of lawnmowers will have a warranty for the first few years of use. If you don’t have a warranty, it can be too costly to repair your lawnmowers. Basically, you can maximize your lawnmower usage to approximately get 7-10 years. Things such as broken cables or belts pull chords can easily be fixed with little cost. However, mechanical problems are a lot more expensive. When your lawnmower fails, try to see its warranty whether it’s still covered or not.  

Crankshaft damage 

Once the blade of your lawnmower accidentally strikes a tree stump, a rock, or another hard object, it can lead your crankshaft to get damaged. This type of damage can make your mower not restart and eventually stop working. If its blade becomes bent, it can’t properly work. Just like other repairs, the crankshaft is a repair that can be very expensive. Hence, it would be more reasonable to change the entire mower into a new one.  

Engine issues 

The engine is actually a make or break problem. When an engine issue takes place, it is more likely cheaper to just replace your lawnmower with a new one rather than fixing it. You will be having a hard time looking for a motor that’s a lot more inexpensive than 600 bucks. Once your engine is blown, it’s commonly the end for lawnmowers.  

Transmission problems 

The transmission can be an expensive repair as it can usually cost you around 500 dollars just for a replacement. When you’ve got an older lawnmower, and it is having transmission issues, perhaps it would be wise to purchase a new mower rather than repairing the old one. You should spend that 500 bucks into a newer and nicer mower than just using up your money on an old equipment.