If you believe that your heater vents were the only vents that you have to clean in your house, you are very wrong. One vent that you have to clean at least once a year is the dryer vent. Without the right cleaning and maintenance, all the lint from the dryer will get stuck inside the dryer vent.  


For those who don’t know, dirty dryer vents can cause a range of issues for you and your property. That’s why we’re going to share with you the dangers of having a dirty dryer vent. If you don’t want these issues to happen, schedule a dryer vent cleaning Las Cruces right away. 

Increased Allergy Symptoms 

There can be a collection of dust and other allergens inside the dryer vent if a member of your family is suffering from allergies and his/her symptoms have dramatically improved. Since you’ve got a clogged vent, the lint cannot properly flow out of your home. This means the allergens get pushed back into your home. Yearly vent cleaning helps manage the allergens in your house.  

Longer Drying Time 

There’s a high possibility that your vent is dirty if your clothes require a longer cycle to get dried properly. Your dryer requires a clean vent. This will enable it to allow the air to properly flow through. If the vent is dirty, air cannot flow. Thus, your dryer will not properly work. Unluckily, this issue results in longer drying time and high energy cost.  

Foul Smells 

Foul smells can be coming from the dryer vents if you have noticed an increased occurrence in the laundry room. For those who don’t know, dirty vents can generate a range of odors. First, pests might have crawled inside the vent and died. Second, a foul smell can form as the dirt inside the vent heats up. Lastly, wet lint can leave your house with a foul smell. With the right dryer vent maintenance, you can easily get rid of these smells.  

Pest Infestations 

Pests such as rodents and birds can build nests inside the vent if you’ve got an accumulation of lint in the dryer vent. This is particularly true if you do not have a protective shield over the exterior vent. Unluckily, you have offered animals with an appealing nest area if your vent is filled with lint and exposed.  

Aside from getting rid of the lint at least once a year, installing a cover is the ideal way to keep pests out of the dryer vent. The lack of accessibility and nesting material will help get rid of the pests.  

Growth of Mold 

If you think that your washing machine is the only thing that can cause mold inside the laundry room, you’re wrong. Though mold does tend to grow inside washing machines, it can also thrive inside your dryer vent. This is particularly true if they are filled with lint. The lint inside enables moisture to develop during the dry cycle.  

If you notice a distinct smell of mold in the laundry room and you can’t find it, the dryer vent might be the culprit.