Most pools require a similar upkeep plan. As long as the regular maintenance such as cleaning and chemical attention are taken care of, it’s anything but difficult to keep the pool in the best condition throughout the entire summer. There are non-typical things you can utilize to spare you time, exertion, and money over the long haul which will produce a notably cleaner pool. Here are some uncommon tips and tricks you can do to maintain your pool. 


  1. Utilize some baking soda 

Pool cleaners in the store are usually accompanied by products that increase the basicity or alkalinity of the water. These products keep the required pH in the pool possible. Buying some cheap baking soda from the store achieves a similar objective in lesser cash spent. Now that you have a less expensive alternative to the typical cleaners or alkaline increasers, quick surfing on the net will disclose to you how much baking soda is required for a pool your size. 

      2. Cast a tennis ball 

No, you’re not playing tennis or with the dogs to play fetch. You’re going to throw it on the pool. And don’t let your dogs know about what you’re doing or they’ll jump on the pool just to get it. A tennis ball helps clean the pool by absorbing the sun protecting or suntan products that swimmers apply on the skin which weren’t able to stick properly to the skin. These leftovers are notorious for easily making the pool dirty. 

      3. Clean the waterline 

Buildup, dirt, and impurities collect after some time and stick along the water line and tile territory. Cleaning this part every week ought to diminish the rate at which the pool gets overcast and grimy. Cleaning this zone every week additionally decreases calcium development. It’s additionally a smart move to clean the walkways surrounding the pool territory to decrease the transfer of soil and dirt into the water. 

      4. Keep the doggos away 

As far as it had been known, dogs love to be where their owners want to go. And whatever their owner or pawrent does, they always want to be a part of it. Which means if you swim in the pool and they saw you and they’re on the loose, chances are, they’re going to jump in the water with you unless they are hydrophobic. But chlorine isn’t good for your canine pals. It will chafe their skin, plus the pool will easily get filthier and hairier. And these hairs will get inside the filters and these filters will become a taxing job to work on. But if you want your fur babies to join in on the fun, the level of chlorine should be kept beneath 3.0 PPM for safety. 

      5. Keep the temperature right 

Keeping the pool’s temperature correct can be costly. A good alternative would be utilizing pool heaters that are powered by the sun. Solar covers will address the pool’s temperature as well as save energy. And this means money savings too. 


Maintaining a pool entails a lot of considerations. If you think you need professional help, you need only search for Pool Services near me.