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Behind the Scenes: The Style of Momo Suzuki of Black Crane.

We are huge fans of Black Crane and LA based designer Momo Suzuki. We love her easy and modern pieces, and we’re especially fond of this season’s linen breezy collection.

Refinery 29 tours Momo’s lovely home, which reflects the designer’s amazing style and collection. We love Black Crane pieces because they really are for everyday living.

The Black Crane spring summer 14 collection is now available in store.


Photo Credits: Molly Cranna


Photo Credits: Molly Cranna


Photo Credits: Molly Cranna

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Spotted on Garance Dore: Dani Griffiths, designer of the brand Clyde


From Garance Dore.

The Place: Avant Garde Diaries, NYC

The Girl: Dani Griffiths, designer of the brand Clyde.

The Style: What I like is the idea of wearing a light dress in any season, just adapting the layering so it stays cozy. Chic and easy.

Coat, Apiece Apart, Hat, Clyde.

We spotted Dani Griffiths, designer of Clyde, on Garance Dore. Check back soon as Fawn will be carrying Clyde hats. Hat season (other than toques) is upon us!

If you love Dani’s dress, be sure to check out our selection of shirt dresses.

Fawn HEARTS Lemon Fresh….

Lemon Fresh recently profiled Fawn on its blog.

Tuesday Look: Kasha of Fawn

During a recent trip to the fabulous Swan restaurant I wandered across the street into the hip, quirky, lovely boutique: Fawn. It’s the kind of clothing store that I love. The kind where the small town girl in me is just waiting to be escorting out of the store for not being cool enough. Fortunately the generous social skills of its owner set me right at ease. I was exhilerated by the notion that I was being exposed to some fashion secrets that not even Rachel Zoe yet knew about. Visiting Fawn felt a little like reading an Italian Vogue from the future.  Note to self: return to Fawn-buy things there.

Tuesday’s look was captured when we parked in view of Fawn. The truth is that I was scrambling again for the right shot and on the commute home from work Stephen and I decided that in, or around, Swan would be some understated trendsetter. I had all but forgotten about Fawn when I saw Kasha doing some merchandising through the glass of her happening storefront in the bottom of the Chocolate Factory lofts on Queen St. West. I knew her outfit would deliver. Kasha is a former stylist, merchandiser and buyer and her shop is filled with small brands that are gathering fans for their quality and unusual designs. Her fabulous top is the from the complex geometries collection and her jeans (which are stunning and flattering and look crazy comfortable) are anzevino and florence. If you’re wondering about the boots, they’re of the pre-owned variety and they are in good company with the dozens of pairs of mint condition vintage pumps that line the floor in the perfect little shop that delivered a great Tuesday Look and a wealth of inspiration for my spring wardrobe. Thank you Kasha for your hospitality. Fawn is worthy of much Fresh praise. Note to self: buy vintage shoes at Fawn this weekend.

Fawn LOVES Shoe Accessories…..

The Posso crew wearing their spats. Photo by The Selby.

The Posso crew wearing their spats. Photo by The Selby.

If you want to turn your shoes into mini superheroes, buy them these Posso Spats. They are updated versions of the over-the-shoe accessory popular in the late 1800s, but are made of high-end Italian leather with a bendable internal wire structure. They are amazing additions to a wardrobe as they can turn a tired sandal or boot into a fashion-forward piece.